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Who is Lorem Ipsum anyway?

The Monster of the Blank Page!

Lorem Ipsum
was a once-brilliant Latin scholar, who went to the dark side and became the scourge of all who must write... he's the monster that inhabits every document template until you vanquish him
with actual content.


He haunts the lives of web designers, programmers, website owners, bloggers and business people, bringing with him the horrifying reality that no matter how colorful the website... no matter how good the product is or how relevant their message...  you have to get rid of him first.


But when you try to remove him from your screen, a cold lonely chill envelops you.

The wind howls with malevolence, through twisted tree-letters and punctuation shaped shrubs that refuse to make sense of themselves. You’re doomed.

You'll die a lonely, miserable death, desperate to come up with worthwhile content to fill the blank white prison around you.

As the deadline for your project marches toward you with demented glee, an eerie voice begins to chant, taunting you over and over from within the hellish depths of the computer screen.... "Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet..."


Don't you wish somebody could kill this bastard for you? *


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GrantStar - Professional Grant Writing and Fundraising Proposals


Since 2010, 80% of the proposals we have been involved with have been selected for funding.

If you need professional caliber writing, grant writing, business or sales writing you've come to the right place. GrantStar has a track record of success with Federal, City/County, Corporate, and Private Foundation funding sources.



Successful “grantwriters” have the same sort of mystery surrounding them as witch doctors, CIA operatives, magicians, brain surgeons, used car salesmen, and rocket scientists. ALL of those strange skills are used by a grantwriter, along with a little bit of Shakespeare and a drop of P. T. Barnum !

I worked as a grant writer for a small charity, “Mirror Foundation / On Your Feet”, for nearly three years. Although this tiny one-office homeless services agency didn’t have a shelter, beds, a clinic, or a food bank, I was able to write many successful funding proposals for their “human services” programs. On Your Feet was a very worthwhile cause; thousands of people’s lives were genuinely improved through OYF's programs. My grant and funding proposals succeeded with Federal, County, and City housing authorities, corporate giving foundations and private charitable foundations.

So what sets a really good grant writer apart from an average grantwriter? Well, a few things... The ability to paint the most favorable picture possible in the reviewer's mind is part of it. The ability to anticipate the reader’s question, objection or confusion... and then providing the answer at the right moment is part of it too. Sometimes it’s the skill to let a question or objection actually grow for a few paragraphs, then knock it down at just the right moment.


It takes the psychology to “make a sale” when you can’t even be in the room when they’re reading it. It takes the ability to present a problem in just the right way, so that the best solution in the reader’s mind is the same as your solution they learn about two pages later. Grantwriting is a style, a technique, a goal you have in mind… that very often breaks the rules of screenwriting, book authoring, Journalism, Mass Communications or English Literature.


SAMPLE grant proposals from GrantStar:

  • Here’s a sample excerpt from a successful federal government proposal I did for a $900K+ HUD pilot program, for a three-way partnership (government, non-profit, for-profit).  CLICK HERE
  • Here’s a grant proposal for a wonderful program I conjured up while buying something on eBay. eBay liked it and funded a computer training classroom to give homeless/at-risk people basic computer skills to get a job.  CLICK HERE
  • Here’s a multi-purpose piece that could be charity organization website content, part of a generic proposal, a direct mail piece, or brochure content. The specific purpose of this piece is to grab the reader’s attention, show them why this program is so important, and explain why it works so well. CLICK HERE

GrantStar offers small charitable organizations a unique opportunity to save up to 50% of their grant writing costs just by being clever and not “paying the brain surgeon to clean the bedpans”.


CLICK HERE to look through the grantwriting services FAQ/ info sheet, to save you time, money and energy !